Timeline 1999
Home Up

Well now I started a new job and who knows how long it'll take.

December 1998 - February 1999 Started new job.  No progress at all in basement
March 1999 Stair tread construction
April 1999 Stair treads (continued)
May 1999 Curved (bent lamination) hardwood borders
June 1999 Curved (bent, one-piece) stair landing nosing
July 1999 Hardwood floor sanding and finishing (most of July 4th holiday)
August 1999

Bar Glass Block.
September 1999   Time Off
October 1999 Build skeleton for framing around beam
November 1999
Install Cabinets  (Thanks, Dad!)






Trim molding, casing, doors hung, Radiators trimmed in smooth wooden end-caps.  First official party





Stair balustrade:

handrail, wrought iron, lighting

December 1999
Bar top plywood substrate for second official party.





Pool table pedestal legs


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