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I made a project out of every little part of the bar.  For that reason, this page is pretty much an overview and jumping point to some of the details like the limestone tile top or birdseye maple railing.

Here's a look at roughly where the bar is currently.


Bar glass block details


The bar glass block project certainly deserved its own page, taking about four days to complete.

Notice the curved top on the bar, which is just the temporary plywood substrate ready to be covered in (most likely) tile for the finish material.  On the right of this picture, the concave curved wall and convex curved pedestal are hiding the mechanics and electrical connections of the drain pump in the basin below.  The orange fish on the wall is the pretty cool "ShortBigEye", viewable on the "Fish" page.

Here's an update as of September 2000.  I finally got those low voltage halogen lights working and the neon shark has arrived.  Shown to the left is 2/3 of the shark, since I broke one of the pieces and am waiting for the repair.  Clicking on the image gets you a much bigger picture.  Clicking on the links below get you to pages dealing with the particulars on this neon sculpture and also how neon art is created.

The Story of the Bar Shark

How Neon Is Formed

October, 2000: Background and shelves in place along with the rest of the shark

February 2001:
The bar top was reinforced and then tiled in something called "fossilstone" - a limestone with lots of quartz and interesting things to look at.  Because it is a soft stone, it was relatively easy to cut and shape into two smoothly curving rows going down the entire length of bar.

Next, the curving birdseye maple railing is shaped and installed around the entire circumference.



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