Welcome to the aquarium!  

On this page, you'll see some of the different and more interesting species of fish that Arterior's Ami Mesner and Mike Stewart were able to recreate on the walls.  Most all of them are genuine species with the generic name next to it.  For any that let you click through to enlargements, these are much clearer than what you see on the page.


Although technically a "Black Grouper", it looks better in the deep blue that Mike chose to use.  The schooling silver fish are throughout the basement and add a tremendous amount of movement to the scenery.  The Pilot Fish (on the right) are the ones that normally travel around sharks with the symbiotic trait of feeding off the algae that they clean from the shark.  Fitting that they are next to the pool table.

Butterfly Fish

These "Butterfly Fish" are quite common in Atlantis, showing up on many walls.  You can see the image full size by clicking on it.

This is a Manta Ray.  Its eyes are located on two separate peninsula-looking things the make up its head.  This is hardly technical information.  This image is huge, and is well worth clicking through the hyperlink for a closer look!


Atlantic Spade Fish

These fish wrap around a corner (toward the right of the photo) and are called Atlantic Spadefish.

Here is a close-up of a clown fish in one of the coral reefs.  You can clearly see the texture on the wall

Pilot Fish

More Pilot Fish (click for full size - marginally enlarged)

This shark looks a bit further off than the others, lurking around the bar area. 

Short Bigeye Fish

Here is the "Short Big Eye" fish that is on the curved wall to the right of the bar. 

Here's the fish artist himself, Mike Stewart, drawing one of the butterfly fish.

Here's a mess of fish that were done by someone much less talented than Mike.  Luckily, Mike came back and fixed them (below).

That's better.  I don't know what these fish are, but at least they don't look like they are on their way to rob a bank...


Here are the coral reefs that were expertly painted by Ami Mesner.  In person, the depth that is painted-in is pretty impressive.  These coral shots are definitely worth the click to enlarge.


This set of coral is directly across from the stairs.

...And to complete the entry, this is directly underneath the stairs.

Another one with good depth.  This is to the right of the TV and stereo as seen on the Current View page.  The small schooling silver fish add much to the illusion.


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