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Current view is as of 06/19/02

To see a fantastic 360 degree panorama from the center of the room, click here.
(Go ahead... This is worth doing!)

Interactive Panorama
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This view is from the far wall looking back at the entrance.  You can just see the staircase in the background past the custom Olhausen Billiard table.  On the left is the bar with the eight foot neon shark.  Here's a closer look at that bar area.  

View of bar

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Note the pervasive curves on and even behind the bar on the birdseye maple trim limestone countertop.  If you go behind that bar and look out, here's what you'll see:
View from bar
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Each of the thirty limestone tiles on the bar top was custom cut on all four sides to make this pattern.  (The curve in this picture is exaggerated by the panoramic shot)  On the right is the home theater area.  We'll take a closer look at that later on this page.  For now, let's walk out to the left of the pool table and look off to the right;
Pool table and bar
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The lally-column pool cue rack in the middle is fairly new. in the following home theater area pictures, I hadn't created it yet:
A couple of notes here.  First of all, the carpet color is still not accurate.  The sofa is finally here, although we could use a coffee table.  The pole needs some work to help blend in.  The window needs some glass block to tie in.  The home theater system, however, is perfect.  (I wish I had pictures of those hard-working delivery guys from Tweeter getting the huge TV down the bulkhead steps.)  The front three speakers each have built-in amplifiers and subwoofers that really open up the soundstage and shake the place.  Very theater-like.  If enough people ask for it, I'll create a page dedicated to this system.
The stairs coming down into Atlantis are particularly interesting.  Each birdseye maple step was custom milled with matched grain and an unusual elliptical shape on one side.  This elegant curve is somewhat visible in this picture, but is expanded on in the stairs page.
There are all sorts of details that are worth looking at here and on the stairs page.  Note the custom wavy wrought iron balustrade, birdseye maple newel and lit railing, curved platform, and of course the fantastic coral and underwater painting seen on the fish page.
Here's the view looking down the main stairs.  The treads were laid out to get progressively lighter as you dive down to floor level.
These are the top three steps from the main floor to a landing.  I would've left it out but some of the most highly figured wood is there.

Not bad, eh?  Don't forget to visit the Stairs page to see the construction stages and possibly even visit the really detailed stuff!

Click for Neon page
The neon shark is shown here.  It turns out to be extremely difficult to get a correctly exposed picture of the shark without making everything else completely dark.

Be sure to visit the Neon page to learn about how neon is created.


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