Timeline 2000
Home Up

At this point I stopped predicting when it will be done.

January 2000 pool table pedestal frame construction
February 2000 Wiring and transformer installation for low voltage halogen bar lights.  Reinstalling pipes for central vacuum.  Finishing beam skeleton (started in October) around beams.
March 2000 Drywall covering beams including cornerbeads, taping, and texturing
April 2000 Ceiling, curved fish tank pedestal, priming and painting walls.
May 2000 Walls painted with background design, coral, and fish.
June 2000 pool table Installation
July 2000
Need DesignCAD image of shark outline
This web site up for the first time.  Design Neon Shark and build form.  Carpet installation
August 2000 Initial neon shark.  Hanging low voltage halogen bar lights (including taking apart some of the ceiling to replace faulty transformer.)
September 2000 Home theater installation
October 2000 Removable bar shelf sections which also form the neon backdrop
November 2000 Light over pool table, Starting bar top railing
December 2000 Bar top railing


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