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Granite countertop

and glass backsplash

Many years ago, we had seen a granite sample at the ill-fated “Home Depot Expo” called “Tsoa Pearl”  It had amazing blue mica embedded in a translucent green stone..  It was quite eye-catching.  Eventually, we tracked it down to this granite from Madagascar.
This will need to be seamed later on.
I wish I had pictures of the cool machine on a tripod that made a 3D mapping of the kitchen layout, but I don’t.  So this is afterward when Gerrity Stone in Woburn installed the pieces cut from two sequential slabs of the Labradorite Blue.
We also happen to see this remnant that was done in a “leathered” finish.  The treatment involves abrading the stone with course brushes and then polishing the resultant bumpy surface.  When you see it, you have to touch it.  You’d think it would be hard to clean, but it’s not.  Actually, it also conveniently hides a bit of dirt between cleanings.
This is now more commonly known as “Labradorite Blue”, “Blue Australe”, or “Labradorite Blue Australe”.  It is one of the only granites sourced from Madagascar, and so it was not too hard to track down. 
The seaming involves vacuum clamps that grip each side of the seam and pull it tight.  Using colored epoxy and carefully grinding / polishing the squeeze-out, the seam comes out fairly invisible.
There will be no getting that sink out from under the granite unless the cabinet is destroyed beneath it.
Sapele lumber pass-through sill
Glass Backsplash