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The floor was really done in several parts:

bulletCreate a system of pressure treated wood "sleepers" to provide a raised and level nailing surface for the subfloor (big project)
bulletInstall plywood subfloor
bulletInstall birdseye maple hardwood flooring with visually interesting elements
bulletInstall carpeting


First and foremost, the "sleepers".  The problem with simply attaching the subfloor to the concrete was that any basement gets wet eventually and this moisture needs air circulation to dry quickly.  In addition, you can imagine the heartache of seeing a hardwood floor underwater.  Because the concrete slab was not level (3 inches from crest to valley), the raising of the floor would give me an opportunity to create a level surface just begging for a pool table.  My plan was to lay out and custom cut hundreds of 12" pressure-treated 2X4s laying on their sides as shown in the images to the left:  (click to enlarge)
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It seems like this would be more time consuming than it was, but this project was the only one that actually went faster than expected - only about three full days.  The link above tells the story of how I streamlined this process greatly.

Next, is the plywood subfloor.  This was relatively straightforward - using glue and nails to fasten the panels on top of the sleepers.

Here is a shot of the finished subfloor.  You can see the boundaries of the room start to come into view.  The diagonal part on the right is the wall where the grouper is now.  Note also the use of the rotary laser level (yellow) on its side to mark the floor and ceiling for where that wall will be.  Click the image to see this diagonal wall at drastically different times.

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Next came the Birdseye Maple hardwood floor.  This was a tremendous amount of work at each stage.  Even laying out which boards go where was a job - Thanks, dad for accomplishing this so I could follow behind with the flooring nailer!

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Of special note is the curved hardwood border that separates the carpeted TV area from the rest of the room.  The two curved parts are made of maple floor cut up into thin segments and glued up in the desired curve.  The photo at left shows the segments being laid out before the gluing and clamping in the curved jig

Sanding and Finishing Details

Sanding should have been easy compared to laying the floor, but it definitely wasn't!  The results are quite rewarding, though.

here's a close-up of what birdseye maple looks like.  The figure is extremely striking (especially for 600 Sq Feet of floor!) and looks particularly good under halogen lights.  I selected this because it has an organic "sandy bottom" look that goes much better with an underwater theme than Oak.
Curved Landing Details

Another interesting visual feature was the curved landing at the bottom of the staircase.  I included this picture here because it is one of only a few newly finished floor pictures.  The picture is a hyperlink to the full image.

Now (7/17/00) the carpet is in!  The contrast with the hardwood really brings out the curved border.  Note the attraction that the cat has to this insanely deep pile that resembles sea grass.  The picture is a hyperlink to the full image.


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